22. April 2017 – 23. April 2017 ganztägig
Luisenweg 16
20537 Hamburg

The idea

The International Sabre Symposium (ISS) is a Historcial European Martial Arts (HEMA) event which is exclusively dedicated to sabres aswell as their ancestors, cousins and offsprings – no matter if it’s a shamshir, backsword, shashka, cutlass, talwar or duelling sabre.

The theme

Of course we will have a wide range of classes dealing with the historical applications of our weapon of choice – from the general basics to very specific aspects of individual systems! Thus, no matter if you’re a beginner who hasn’t even heard about HEMA or an advanced practitioner looking for a broader view: if you’re interested in sabres and how they were used in history this is the event for you!

Impressions from previous years

Have a look at our open Facebook page for impressions from previous ISSs!


The event fee for ISS 2017 ranges from 120,- to 150,- € per person.
It depends on when you register and whether you register single or as a group of 3+.
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Single Registration

  • 130,- € per person if you register until February, 27th, 2017
  • 150,- € per person if you register until April, 15th, 2017

Group Registration for groups of 3 or more persons.

  • 120,- € per person if you register until February, 28th, 2017
  • 140,- € per person if you register until April, 16th, 2017

The price includes all-day catering at the venue (dinner is NOT included) for both days.

The very last day for registrations is April, 15th, 2017!!!
Showing up without prior registration and paying at the door will not work!

Registration is open!

Click here to register for ISS2017!

Classes & Instructors 2017

Again, we will have an interesting mix of instructors from nearly all over the world for the ISS. There will be familiar faces and some new ones!
Keep checking back here to see whom you can expect to be teaching at ISS 2017!


ISS2017 we be at the same place as ISS2106:

Luisenweg 16-18, 20537 Hamburg

(DE) Hamburg, International Saber Symposium