5. Mai 2018 um 10:00 – 6. Mai 2018 um 19:00
gymnasium Léo Lagrange
Baton irlandais Paris


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Hello,the club of la canne „Rose Couverte de Paname“ in Antony ( in south of Paris) organizes a training course of bataireacht ( Irish stick) the weekend of 5-6 may with Maxime Chouinard, professor in Kingston (Canada) and instructor of the style of the Antrim bata. We have the opportunity to welcome him at our home with us so that Maxime can introduce us to the techniques of the Irish stick. Maxime Chouinard is the most well known instructor of the Antrim bata, one of the specialities of the Irish stick.

This seminar is opened to all with or without experience.

It will take place to Antony ( situated in 30 min of center Paris with underground or train). On Saturdays mornings (if the weather allows it) we will take the lessons in the Park of Sceaux and on Saturdays afternoon, the training will continue in the gymnasium Léo Lagrange in Antony (train rer B „les baconnets).
Sunday afternoon, courses will take place in the gymnasium Velpeau to Antony (train rer B „la croix de berny“) until 2pm at 6 pm.
If you come from the outside of France, we can help you find an accommodation around of the seminar. You can find an „air bnb“ not expensive near the gymnasium
Don‘ t forget to take a lunch for Saturday.

After the training of Saturday, we propose to join with us in Irish pub to drink and eat speciality.

To help Maxime finance his journey in Paris, we put a secure payment site allowing to cover the expenses. The amount of the seminar (20 euros minimum) will only serve to finance its journey.If you wish to participate in the internship, we ask you to send an e-mail to batonirlandaisparis@gmail.com by specifying name-e-mail-phone number and to send the amount of your registration on https://www.leetchi.com/fr/Cagnotte/29316364/fced962

We hope to see you and we are at your service if you want more information.
A très bientot et merci.

(FR) Paris, Seminar of irish stick