24. Juni 2017 – 25. Juni 2017 ganztägig
Gedempte Oude Gracht 150 /ROOD
2011 GX Haarlem
Academy for European Medieval Combat

ILHG IV 2017

Project ILHG IV has been initiated!

Dear Historical Martial Artist,
The AMEK team is proud to bring to you the 4th annual HEMA Lowlands event!
We have already some of the top instructors confirmed and again a unique programme.
I hope to see you all here again in Holland to fight, drink and enjoy eachothers company.

The early bird will start soon for those that want to join the fun!

Best regards,
MIshael Lopes Cardozo
Head Organizer ILHG


Event Prices

General admission €150 (exc. transaction costs)
including access, free activities and workshops. If you would like to partake in a tournament, please select this in the registration form. You can pay for the tournament by card or cash at the location of the event.

One day admission €75 (exc. transaction costs)
including access, free activities and workshops. If you would like to partake in a tournament, please select this in the registration form. You can pay for the tournament by card or cash at the location of the event.

Early bird conditions apply till 24-04-2017. A €20 discount applies to the above-mentioned prices.

•   City Tour Friday Afternoon (Free)
•   Close Quarter Battle workshop on Friday afternoon (€15)
•   Friday night Dinner (€15-€20)
•   Dinner and entertainment Saturday Night (€35)
•   Sunday kids tournament. The tournament is for kids aged 8-12

Friday Day Program

City Tour
On Friday June 23rd it is possible to explore a historic Dutch city in one of the tours organized by ILHG. A walking tour through the city will show you all the highlights of one of our most historic cities.

Meetup: to be confirmed

CQB Workshop
A close Quarter Battle workshop has been organized for those willing to extend their fighting skills to modern fighting techniques in an indoors environment. There is an extra charge of €15 for this activity.
Location: to be confirmed
Time: 13:30

ILHG Hangout
If you are arriving a bit later on the day, feeling a little tired and craving a drink, then we will all meet at a place. Location: to be confirmed

Friday Evening Program

Dinner € 15,- pp (18.00-20.00)

If you want to join this dinner you have to be there at 18.00 !!

The evening program consists of a dinner in a restaurant. Details will be confirmed at a later date.

Friday evening fighting party


Saturday is our main Tournament day, with four different competitions. The first tournament is the biggest one, the Open Longsword tournament. Fighters from all over the world will fence in this steel longsword competition. The second is the messer tournament. A brutal, close range weapon.
Thirdly, we will have the Rory van Noort Invitational Longsword Tournament. Fighters who have proven themselves in other competitions are invited to join this tournament, ensuring a high level of fighters and bouts.
Finally, for the first time we will have a cutting competition: cut through tatami rolls with a proper sharp sword. Now you really have to get your cutting technique right!
Do note that you need to be 16 years of age to join the tournaments.

For those who don’t feel like competing, not to worry. Throughout the day we will offer many workshops in our two remaining halls. The Saturday really has something for everybody.

Saturday Evening Celebration

After the tournaments are over, we will all gather at the dinner location. We will dine together and cheer for the victors and participants and maybe throw in a speech or two. We also have a few after-dinner evening entertainment ideas and activities planned.

Note: we will leave straight from the gymnasium, so there is no time to go back to your hotel to freshen up. We recommend you bring a towel, showers are available, and shampoo will be provided by us.


On Sunday, we will have the ‘team up’ workshops, where two prominent instructors will have prepared a combined class and teach together. Duo workshops have a lot of advantages over single instructor workshops in the current development of HEMA events. A problem nowadays is lack of time for workshops if tournaments are held. These are, in our opinion, the advantages of duo workshops:
•    People get two top instructors for the price of one
•    We can host more instructors for that day
•    We can offer more workshops in a day
•    If we have more instructors to teach we have more professional judges
•    Instructors will have a blast, by working and teaching together
Most importantly, as the tournaments take up more and more time, we still want to be able to offer quality workshops for those interested.

During the Sunday we will also get to see the AMEK Kids class at their best. The new generation of the AMEK will fight with dussacks in our ILHG Kids Dussack Tournament. There will also be Demonstrations and Presentations for those interested in the wide world of HEMA.

(NL) Oegstgeest, IVth International Lowlands HEMA Gathering – for Longsword and Messer (Open -, Rory van Noort Invitational Longsword Tournament and Cutting competition)