18. Mai 2018 um 17:00 – 20. Mai 2018 um 0:00
Lekebergsskolans Bollhall
Glomman 94
702 30 Örebro

Welcome to Örebro HEMA’s new event Masters of Longsword!

The event costs 700 SEK for workshop admission (all spots taken) and 400 SEK for sparring only (any weapon). We are now only accepting sparring registrations!

First of all, we are calling the event Masters of Longsword because it’s catchy and hopefully a bit provocative. None of the instructors call themselves masters of longsword. We are all still students. With that out of the way, all being students is the core of this event. We are bringing together some of the best teachers of northern Europe, meaning that all of our instructors are fortunate enough to get to train with a lot of great longsword instructors. The idea is to thereby motivate the instructors to come to study for other instructors and not just to go to the events to teach. This means that you as a practitioner gets a crazy amount of bang for your bucks.

Each instructor will teach a 30-45 minute seminar on a narrow subject, with focus on the details. The seminars are designed to be relevant for everyone with a basic knowledge of longsword, but the level will be higher than a “safari workshop” on a random event. This means that we want even the most experienced fencers to at least get an insight into how someone else explains a particular subject and hopefully spark some new ideas.

There is about 45 minutes scheduled between each seminar to give fencers a chance to sparr, discuss and relax. In the initial plan we are limiting the number of seminars to 14:
3 on the Friday
7 on Saturday
4 on Sunday

This might be subject to change.

Doors open at 16:00 on the Friday, with access to the floor from 17:00. Doors open at 08:00 Saturday and Sunday, with the first seminar at 09:00. The last seminar ends at 14:30 on the Sunday, with hall access until 16:00

The venue we are using (Lekebergsskolans Bollhall) will have three different halls. Two are dedicated to sparring (with any weapon) and hanging out. One is dedicated to seminars (and sparring in-between seminars). Örebro HEMA is now in love with smallsword, so we hope some people will come just to fence with that.

Current list of instructors and subjects:
Axel Pettersson teaching ”Bleiben”, remaining in the bind.
Kristine Konsmo teaching defensive footwork when retreating.
Thomas Nyzell teaching positioning – reducing threat and dealing death.
Kristian Ruokonen teaching TBA
Mattias Andersson teaching Schaittler – more than a fools game.
Hans Jörnlind teaching halfswording – why…when…how?
Andreas Markehed teaching the moment between offense and defense
Julia Yli-Hukka teaching short vs tall fencer
Carl Ryrberg teaching thrust provocations to take control of krieg
Magnus Lundborg teaching how to turn the point to the openings
Ties Kool teaching TBA
Håvard Lund Eidheim teaching thrusts, recognising opportunities and making them land.
Tea Kew teaching unsing the schnitt.
Dennis Ljungqvist teaching a way to play with the nobel war.
Casper Ellestad Andersen teaching fighting the Buffel
Jack Gassmann teaching sparring games for developing tactical awareness
Jack Berggren Elers teaching when to press the hands
Andreas Ståhlberg teaching a drill on breaking expected patterns and recognizing opportunity

We hope to make this event a camping event. In the price camping at a field close to the venue is included, (with a promise of fireplace coziness). Details (and rules) about this option will be added later.

Hope to see you in Fjugesta!



(SE) Örebro, Masters of Longsword