17. Dezember 2017 um 11:00 – 16:00
Sutton Leisure Centre
Elton Head Rd
Saint Helens WA9
Vereinigtes Königreich

(Organised by Keith Farrell, with venue assistance from Duncan McEvoy, and generous sponsorship from the HEMA Shop.)

A December event to bring together local clubs and fencers from the North West of England, from North Wales, and from anywhere else where HEMA occurs! The event will be rather informal and will involve a lot of sparring.

We will hold a friendly competition: everyone will receive two tokens for voting, and will be able to fight either as „beginner“ or „advanced“. We will spend two and a half hours of sparring with everyone in the hall, and then everyone will decide which „beginner“ and which „advanced“ fencer showcased the best fencing according to whatever you think „best fencing“ means on the day. The winner of each category will receive a bottle of something tasty.

After the competition, there will be a short presentation about antique swords, and a handling session. This will be an ideal opportunity to learn a little about the swords that have survived through until today and to feel how these items really handle. The antiques will be selected from Keith Farrell’s personal collection and from the Triquetra Collection.

Ideally, afterwards, the plan will be to find a pub or restaurant and finish the afternoon with some socialising (probably talking about just how cool antique swords are to hold and wave around).

More information about the tournament, the schedule, and the presentation/handling session can be found on our website here: http://www.liverpoolhema.com/red-dragon-december-swording/

More information about booking your ticket will be announced in due course.

For the moment, just pencil the event into your calendar, and make sure not to double book yourselves!

The venue will be the Sutton Leisure Centre, Elton Head Rd, Sutton, Saint Helens, WA9 5AU. It is a sizeable place, with sufficient space for several people to be sparring at once, and should be reasonably easy to find by car.


(UK) Liverpool, Red Dragon December Swording for Longsword