16. April 2018 ganztägig
USZ Hietzing
Altgasse 6
1130 Wien

16th of June 2018

The first tournament where EVERY kind of sharpness is needed.

In this tournament your prospect of success is linked directly to your ability to cut well with a sword, as each of your blows in the cutting challenge will be rated with damage points for the tournament. After every elemination round, there will be a new chance and a new challenge of bettering your level of personal sharpness in the application of your sword skills.

Please note that the tournament would be classified as mixed steel longsword and is as such welcoming all genders, ages and weight classes.

Workshop Information

Cor Profile
We are very proud to announce that Cor Kronenburg will be holding a 2 hour tournament preparation workshop about the joys and perils of distance and timing, tipps and tricks for the tournament and the possibility for interactive problem solving.

Listen closely to what he has to say, Cor will participate in the tournament as well.

The Registration fee of 89 EUR includes the participation of the workshop and the tournament. Please understand that for every participant only a limited amount of mats are calculated.
This event will only take place if we have a minimum of 30 attendees, registration is this year limited to a maximum of 50 attendees.

Wien, Schnittig – für’s Lange Schwert Workshop, Schnitttest und Turnier