(PL) Lodz, Durchschlag 2018 – Tournament for longsword, rapier, sabre and women’s longsword.
Mrz 3 um 9:00 – Mrz 4 um 17:00

First FEDER Leauge Tournament in Historical Fencing/ HEMA in 2018.

Open longsword, rapier, sabre and women’s longsword.

More info coming soon!

(IT) Roma, AIMA Roma 2018 – for Rapier, Longsword (also Women-Tournament), Sword & Buckler
Mrz 9 um 10:00 – Mrz 11 um 19:00

Next AIMA Roma 2018 will take place from the 9th to the 11th of March. The location will be the Palatorrino Sport Center in the southern part of the city.
We are also organizing a Open Ceremony on Thursday the 8th, to be confirmed.

Different activities will take place during the event:
Tournaments are scheduled during the mornigs, workshops in the afternoons, and an area for bouts will always be available for partecipants.

TOURNAMENTS: there will be 3 CSEN Open tournaments (with closed number partecipants); Rapier, Longsword, Sword and Buckler. There will also be a Women Longsword tournament and our usual competition for kids and teenagers.

WORKSHOPS: six different instructors (some of which with assistants) will teach a total of at least 10 classes.

FREE SPARRING: a dedicated area for bouts will always be available for participants both inside and outside the structure.

The schedule of the event is well balanced in order to allow all participants to attend the activities they prefer. We have also decided a basic fee of 75 Euro that will give access to all the workshops, bouts areas and different services in the sport center.
The cost of the tournaments will be: 25 euros first competition, 20 euros the second competition, 15 euros the third and fourth competition.
Therefore, the event costs 75 euros and the tournaments are extra.
The center is equipped with all kinds of comforts and there is a coffee bar for food and beverages (the cost of which is not part of the event fee).
Soon we will detail a number of hotels in the area with special discounts for the event.

MEDICAL CERTIFICATE: as required by the italian olimpic committee, and our insurance, to attend worshops and enjoy the free sparring it is needed a „medical certificate of fitness“ by the family doctor.
In order to partecipate to our tournaments it is needed a“ medical certificate of fitness for competitive sports“. It is essential that the document produced by the doctor mentions „competitive sports“! The document needs to be sent though email with the enrolment.


(ES) Halbschwert Barcelona – 5th Open HEMA Tournament for Longsword and Rapier
Apr 27 um 20:00 – Apr 29 um 18:00

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Longsword & Rapier Tournament in Barcelona

This year the tournament will be a little different than the previous edition, this time we will have the presence of an instructor known by all Damián Troncoso Saavedra and the location will be at the headquarters of the friends of the Esgrima Historica – HEMA SAM Esgrima Barcelona who give it to us kindly.

We will continue informing!

Graz, Österreichische Meisterschaft 2018 im Langen Schwert, Rapier, Säbel, sowie Schwert und Buckler
Mai 26 um 10:00 – Mai 27 um 17:00

2018 wird die österreichische Meisterschaft im historischen Fechten in Graz ausgetragen. Dabei handelt es sich um einen offenen Bewerb, die Teilnahme ist für jeden interessierten Fechter jedweder Nationalität möglich. Alle österreichischen Teilnehmer haben jedoch die Chance den nationalen Titel des österreichischen Meisters im historischen Fechten zu erlangen.

Wir von INDES Graz freuen uns darauf, Fechter aus aller Herren Länder in Graz begrüßen zu dürfen und geben unser Bestes, ein gutes Turnier zu organisieren, bei dem jeder auf seine Kosten kommt.

Das Turnier findet vom 26. bis zum 27. Mai in den Sporthallen der Sportunion Steiermark statt. Am Samstag werden die Vorrunden ausgefochten, am Sonntag die Ausscheidungsrunden und Finali.

Mehr Informationen unter:

Wien, Torneo di bara 2018
Sep 22 um 9:00 – Sep 23 um 17:30

Genauere Informationen folgen….

St.Pölten, NÖ-Landesmeisterschaften für’s Lange Schwert
Nov 17 – Nov 18 ganztägig

Ob auch Fechtschule oder andere Waffengattungen wird in Kürze bekannt gegeben.